MarketWise Consulting

You've got an amazing business and you're ready to tell the masses? We're your go-to marketing team. With years of experience in digital and print media, websites, social media, billboards, email marketing, SEO, you name it and we've done it. We deliver real and tangible results so you can focus on your thriving business.

The Eyecare Center

For almost three years now, our marketing efforts has come from the professionals at MarketWise Consulting. We've appreciated the hard work, vendor team integration, and strategy that they've contributed to our business. As we've grown our business, we can see real results from the different marketing efforts that MarketWise has put in place. Their innovation and eagerness to reach new goals every day makes them a critical part of our business.

- Jan M.

Upper Valley Orthopedics

Having never had a formal marketing program for our office, David Mecham of MarketWise Consulting has guided us through the maze of getting our practice out front and center in the ever changing and competitive climate of medical care. From dealing with vendors requests to a full marketing plan, David and his associates have helped navigate the “waters”.

- S. Dunn

Homestead Senior Living

I have had the privilege of working with David Mecham in a variety of marketing campaigns and projects. In so many ways he has been fantastic to work with as we worked to move our business forward.

One of the great advantages of using David is his excellent team. We utilized his team to help with social media marketing and updates, tv commercials, print ads, radio ads, and our grand opening of our newest location. With David’s help we were able to achieve 100% occupancy six to nine months sooner than the industry standard.

Due to David’s connections we were able to save thousands of dollars on our new website and other medians we used to market, not to mention the money we saved by not having to pay our own employees for tasks he performed.

David has been quick and efficient in responding to our needs. His flexibility and willing attitude have been impressive to say the least. David and his team would be a great resource to any business.

- Sam S.

Madison Women's Clinic

Madison Women's Clinic has worked with MarketWise Consulting since 2013. Since that time we have repeatedly been able to reduce marketing expenses while growing our business because of the expertise that MarketWise provides.

These professionals know how to stretch our marketing dollars further and optimize every investment that we make. In addition to the financial benefits that we see because of MarketWise Consulting, we also see improved time efficiency because our marketing decisions are being directed to and implemented by this team of hardworking and intelligent marketing professionals. The investment we make in MarketWise Consulting is one of the best investments we make every year.

- Jackie S.